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Block Management

What is the benefit of using a Management Agent?

Managing Agents will take over the management and repair of the building for the landlord or Right To Manage Company. This will include such things arranging repairs for common areas and roofs, ensuring that compliance testing and certification is carried out, issuing & collecting Service Charges and Reserve Funds.

My block only has 5 units, would I benefit from a Managing Agent?

We accept properties with a minimum of 4 units, and can create a package specifically designed around your needs and budget.

Do you offer an “Out of Hours Service”?

We have a 24 hour line available for any emergencies that are outside of working hours, and our engineers are on standby if they are needed to attend on site.

What are your contract terms?

Our contracts are for a term of 2 years, but either party could terminate the contract any time by giving 3 months notice period.

Contact a member of our team here to find out how we could help you.

Right To Manage (RTM)

How does RTM work?

A Right To Manage company is created by the Leaseholders of a building, this is is a process that enables them to serve notice to the current Management Agent or Landlord.

How do I get the details of all other Leaseholders within the building?

The best way to get the details for the individual leaseholders would be to use the Land Registry, there is a small charge for each request.

What is a “Qualifying Tenant”?

A qualifying tenant is a leaseholder who was originally granted a term of 21 years or more on their original lease

If we were to obtain the RTM, can we outsource the management to an agent or do the leaseholders have to manage the building?

Once a Right to Manage has been granted, the leaseholders can nominate a professional Management Agent to manage the property. This is often advised as matters such as compliance, maintenance of the building and services within the building will be the responsibility of the RTM.

How do I apply?

This is simple, click here to provide a few basic details, a member of the team will then be in touch within 24 hours

Property Maintenance

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

Are the quoted prices guaranteed?

Our maintenance team are highly experienced in providing accurate quotes. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances which can result in additional costs, our team would contact you in such circumstances to explain any additional charges.

Do I need to source any materials for a works?

No, our office Maintenance Manager and engineers will source any materials needed to carry out the works.

Are you certified to carry out Electrical and Gas works?

Our engineers are not certified to carry out major electrical or gas works, however we do have an extensive list of qualified tradesman that we can help supply.

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